Remedium eXchange

A Health Care Economics Think Tank


Create guiding “roadmaps” for policy-makers, such as Governor Walker and Paul Ryan, so that smart healthcare reforms are made that will put true market forces in place that decrease cost & increase quality.


Address regulations and other barriers to healthcare innovation, so that consumers can access their healthcare records – and be incentivized, educated, and empowered to make their healthcare choices.


Listen to questions and topics presented by thoughtleaders and stakeholders and then perform research directed toward answers/solutions—these will be the think tank’s deliverables, in the form of whitepapers and an annual Healthcare Economics Summit.


Enable the (free) market to work by developing transparency in healthcare cost (and medical procedures); and, by providing resources and support for healthcare innovators who aim to disrupt the current healthcare delivery business model; this includes fostering creation of new business models and technologies that empower consumers.

Healthcare Economics Summit Meeting Summary