About Us

A Health Care Economics Think Tank

Our goal is to consumerize healthcare by incentivizing, educating & empowering consumers in transparent markets.

Our Vision

To increase Quality, Access, and Affordability of healthcare for all, in a patient-centered and consumer-driven healthcare delivery model.

Our Mission

To provide information, resources and support to policy makers, healthcare innovators, patients and providers, to help them consumerize healthcare; and, to accomplish this by incentivizing, educating and empowering patients and providers so they can make their own healthcare decisions – so market forces can drive down cost and increase quality.

Our 3-Step Guide to Success

1) Healthcare Economics Summit (annual policy forum)

Research guided by members and healthcare innovation thought-leaders across Wisconsin; publish three whitepapers/year (state statistics; case studies on best practices); inform the policy discussion on healthcare reform; annual meeting of all members and state policymakers, to report out and set priorities for the next year.

2) Healthcare Innovation Pitch event (and mentoring)

Assist in the formation of 5-10 new healthcare startups in southeast Wisconsin each year; do in partnership with StartupMKE, BioForward and CTSI (MCW); provide mentoring and seed funds.

3) Center for Healthcare Innovation (incubator)

Healthcare incubator space with resources in Concordia’s new Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center building, to assist healthcare startups; focus on startups that innovate new business models, as well as technology to consumerize care: telemedicine, connected medicine, healthcare IT, and any innovations that increase value (decrease cost and increase quality).

Healthcare Economics Summit Videos | 2017

Gov. Scott Walker

John Torinus

Eric Haberichter

Healthcare Economics Summit Videos | 2018

Dr. Barbara McAneny

Dr. John Raymond

Health Rosetta

Healthcare Economics Summit Videos | 2019

Robert Graboyes


Robert Graboyes
Allison Oelschlaeger
Naomi Lopez-Bauman

Curt Gielow
Joe Sanfelippo


Chet Robson


Robert Popovian
Antonio Ciaccia
Jim Van Lieshout

Jim Tarasovich


Lisa Johnson
Allison Oelschlaeger
Will Tesch

Lisa Johnson
Allison Oelschlaeger
Will Tesch